The Secret Society

Claes Hylinger is a bit – well, not unknown, but at least concealed – in Swedish literature. And it feels great to interpret his most famous work, the trilogy of the secret society, in a bookshelf. The shelf consists of nine parts, nine triangles, in a variety of dimensions. And that is, of course, not an accident. (Photo from the production below.)

Hylinger is headteacher in vestrogothian pataphysics at the French Collège de 'Pataphysique, and he has translated several authors connected to pataphysics to Swedish.

Vestrogotiska Patafysiska Institutet, the Swedish section of Collège de 'Pataphysique, is a critical research project run by a group of artists and founded in 1973 by the authors Claes Hylinger and Magnus Hedlund and the architect Christian Bodros. The group works from a pataphysical point of view, as it was described by the French dramatist and writer Alfred Jarry in the beginning of the 20th century.  

Pataphysics is the science about the exceptions and the imaginary solutions. Rönnells antikvariat in Stockholm is a venue for the institute.

In year 130 P. E. (‘of the pataphysical era’, i.e. after the birth of Alfred Jarry), the artist Elis Eriksson was elected to Rector Magnificus. When Eriksson died in 2006, the artist Sven Nyström was chosen to his successor.

The intellectual raw material of the book shelf, was distillated from Claes Hylinger, his famous trilogy and the science of pataphysics.

The Secret Society

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