The stool Colon is the strangest order I ever got. A doctor from Lund called me with a specific question – could you build a stool for the global way of shitting?

According to the doctor, major parts of the Western World sit in the wrong position. Well, it is certainly comfortable, but it does not support the natural movements of your body. If you are crouching, your muscles relax and you get like a highway from the large intestine to the rectum. The solution is to rest your feet on the stool while doing the job.

The doctor/customer is completely convinced – it will help patients with weak pelvic floor musculature, piles and irritable bowel syndrome. Yes, it even prevents colon cancer, he said.

He also told me that there are some products on the market already, but they do not really work since they look too “clinical”, and the patients avoid them. No one wants to keep such stuff in the bathroom. Make me a smooth, subtle stool, which can melt into the bathroom environment…

I delivered Colon last weekend. Maybe we can do some business together someday, the doctor and I. But, to be honest, I hesitate, I am not sure I want to be remembered for this invention…  

The stool is made of solid oak purchased on the local market. Surface treatment: white wax. 


Fredrik Sandblad || 2016-12-06