The Polyglot Lovers

Lina Wolff’s novel The polyglot lovers won the August prize 2016 – the biggest, national award in literature in Sweden.

“I am 36 years old, and I am looking for a tender, but not too tender, man”. Ellinor’s personal ad leads her to the fat literature critic Calisto, attracted to the writings of Michel Houellebecq, and the sexual violence of today’s masculinity. Themes like subordination, sexual power, betrayal, and yearning are important for the story. The novel is polyglot, but at the same time concentrated like a contemporary fairytale, a bit like the Norwegian teenager series Skam, but for adults of course.

The polyglot lovers is Lina Wolffs third book, she made her debut seven years ago with a collection of short stories.

The snow crystals below got the name from the novel, and are made of oak, birch and beech from the local woods. They could be used for decoration or as trivets.

The Polyglot Lovers

Fredrik Sandblad || 2016-12-25