Kiss me

Some weeks ago I produced two events on a national library conference in Växjö – Biblioteksdagarna. One of the events was a mingle night at Växjö library. The theme was Carl von Linnaeus, and the production included a performance by Anton Härder, workshops by Marcus Emilsson/Kicki Rydemalm and Hemslöjden, a display of Örtaboken (the oldest manuscript by Linnaeus) and an exhibition with Åsa Jungnelius. Åsa showed glass objects – genitals – and I made the podiums for the artworks.

 Åsa Jungnelius

The other event was a huge conference dinner (400 guests) at the Linnaeus University with the theme Blända – a local legend from Småland about a clever woman who defeated a Danish army with love and drinks. The production included a sculpture by Anna-Karin Arvidsson, a performance by the storyteller Meg Nömgård and a dance performance with Liv Trulsson/Anna Eklund and students from Katedralskolan.

Dance performance

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