A Wicked Game

52 Ruins || Ruin # 22-26

Third of June, and another ruin trip with my enthusiastic colleagues. The starting point this time is Huseby bruk, where I and Lundgren meet up with Hedrén, who had ridden his speedy cyclocross bike from his home village Hunna.

The Old Church of Vislanda

We visit one prehistoric gravefield (close to Vislanda rectory) and three old churches – Öja, Vislanda and – the best one – Skatelöv. The location is beautiful, the living nature and the view over the poetic Skatelövsfjärden. (The former name of Skatelövsfjärden was probably Odensjö, the lake of the pagan god Odin, and on the opposite side of the lake you can find Blodberget, the Blood Mountain, with grave fields, erected stones and probably an old sacrificial grove.)

It is not much left of the old church in Skatelöv, some foundation stones that mark the place for the building, but the cemetery is interesting. We find the grave of Bengt Berg, the guy who brought the Canada goose to Sweden (not very flattering…). But the most prominent grave is the huge, decorated stone of Gunnar Olof Hyltén Cavallius, a local ethnologist.

The stone of Hyltén Cavallius

Another spectacular object is a flat rune stone (brought to the new church), the text says: Bose hacked the church. Bose hacked the stones for the church of the people in Skatelöv. The inscription is ugly, one of the worse I have seen when it comes to runes…

The Rune Stone in Skatelöv

Another really interesting ruin is Huseby charcoal burning plant. During World War II it became difficult to get fuel to cars and buses. The solution was to use generator gas, based on charcoal, which was complicated, filthy and dangerous: The risk for fire was extremely high, and in 1941 the decision was made that every car had to have a fire extinguisher and ten liters of water on board. No one used generator gas after the end of the war. (Look at the enthusiastic inspection btw!)

The Charcoal Burning Plant in Huseby

When we drive home, we are actually halfway. We have visited 26 of the 52 ruins of the year. We feel it in our chests. A Wicked Game.

Old Map of the Vislanda hoods

Fredrik Sandblad | 2017-06-04